Our Mission

Unicard is dedicated to making transport more accessible, by designing, building and delivering market leading innovation for transport providers. This offers passengers seamless and improved access to more sustainable travel.

  • Unicard

    What we do

    As the leading provider of software solutions for public and private sector transport management and smart ticketing, for nearly 20 years Unicard has been trusted by millions of passengers to get them where they need to be. Today, our solutions can be found throughout the UK, processing over half a billion transactions a year.


We're proud of our history

Throughout our history, the success of Unicard has been driven by the strong relationships we have formed with our partners and customers. They have enabled us with the ability to grow far beyond our humble origins. Today, these relationships remain our highest priority and we always look forward to making new connections.

Our Values

Our core values underpin a high-performing culture that guide everything we do. They guide our decision-making, and how we conduct ourselves internally as well as in our industry and with our customers.

  • Collaborative Working

    Collaboration and cooperation is key to everything we do. In order to provide quality solutions and maintain the strength of our customer partnerships, we must work together.

  • Creativity

    At Unicard, we embrace technology and understand the importance of enabling everyone to showcase their abilities in order to encourage innovation.

  • Customer Focus

    Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are always looking to add value and deliver quality outcomes for our partners.

  • Socially Conscious

    We must be responsible for our impact on the environment and our community. We do this by always being aware of our actions and supporting local charities.

  • Team Spirit

    Our team are the driving force of Unicard. Our success depends on trust, recognition, collaboration and diversity.

  • Ownership

    We encourage our team to deliver beyond expectations, to do the right thing, to take responsibility, and to constantly improve and grow.


Corporate Social Responsibilty

We have recognised four priority areas within Unicard where we strive to make a difference: Environment, Community, People, and Responsible Trading.

Our Locations

  • United Kingdom


    Since 2000, our UK office has been the customer facing entity of our organisation. As a small team of 30, we are set up here to support and deliver to the high standards expected of us by our UK based customers and partners. Our activities here include business development, product, customer care, technology and project management.

  • Bulgaria


    Since 2003, our Bulgarian business - Unicorn Systems - has been our Research and Development (R&D) centre and now houses our Unicard Labs. We have over 50 team members working on a range of activities including software product development, research, quality control and technical customer support.

Our People