Our Company Vision

We are the preferred provider of transport management solutions for the UK

Our Products

  • Smart Office

    Complete cardholder and scheme management for local authorities and private operators that is configurable, flexible and future-proofed

  • HOPS Suite

    Industry-leading, MaaS-ready HOPS with real-time two-way integration, useful feature extensions, and open data support

  • Smart Mobility

    Easily integrate, track and manage modern mobility data within cities for policymaking and compliance monitoring

  • Rail Suite

    Middleware platform that enables the retail of UK rail tickets and speeds up time to market

  • Mobile App

    24/7 account management, tickets and travel information for local travellers

  • Concession+

    Turn-key smart ticketing schemes for elderly, disabled and educational concessions with commercial opportunities and advanced metrics

Proven Expertise

Why work with Unicard?

Our products are advanced, easy-to-use, integrated and proven. With industry-leading support for the ITSO standard and technologies like mobility-as-a-service, we help our customers deliver the future of transport.

Our Strengths

  • Reliability

    Trusted by millions for over 20 years

  • Integration

    Unified and modular platform with open data

  • Simplicity

    Off the shelf solutions which are easy to operate

  • Partnership

    Collaborative development and innovation

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