Our Product Vision

We are dedicated to providing industry-leading secure ticketing, identity, payments and data management for the UK’s Local Authorities and commercial transport operators

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Our Products

As the leading provider of software solutions for public and private sector transport management and smart ticketing, for 20 years Unicard’s products have been trusted by millions of passengers to get them where they need to be. Since we started in 2003, a wide range of local authorities, transport operators and hardware manufacturers have depended on our capabilities in strategy, design, development, testing, and delivery.

Commercial and Concessionary Ticketing Platform

Complete ticket scheme and customer relationship management for local authorities and private operators using ITSO, barcode and cEMV

  • Reliable, industry-tested customer management system with over 25 major deployments
  • Extensible and flexible: manage a wide variety of business logic and scheme types, including both commercial and concessionary
  • Get better auditability and usage information through data collection and reporting across the scheme
  • Modern interfaces for customers and staff members that are accessibility-compliant
  • Features powerful customer relationship management and service centre workflow features whilst respecting user privacy
  • Fully integrated with your existing systems and data, as well as third parties through our API
  • Token-agnostic support can mix ITSO smartcards, mobiles, cEMV, barcodes, biometrics, and licence plates in the same scheme

ITSO Solutions

The industry’s best cloud HOPS, AMS and Part11 plus proven middleware solutions for ITSO on Mobile, readers, gates and TVMs

  • A range of solutions for anyone who needs to manage or interface with ITSO cards
  • Unmatched cloud scalability to store billions of transactions and test up to 1200 transactions per second
  • All stored data is available to export in real time through our class-leading API
  • Built based on Unicard’s years of experience in handling data migration from existing HOPS
  • Supports open data standards and MaaS usage
  • Works with any third-party CMS
  • Easy-to-use management interface and reporting engine

Account Based Ticketing and Mobility-as-a-Service

Solutions for local authorities and MaaS app providers to deliver next-generation transport schemes

  • Removes complexity, friction, and confusion from the travel experience
  • Multi-operator, multi-modal and multi-token from the ground up
  • Cutting-edge ABT solution in collaboration with Amdocs, the billing expert
  • Full-stack MaaS options for small and medium schemes
  • Works in partnership with MaaS apps for large schemes

Accredited Rail Ticketing

Certified modules make it easy to retail RDG-accredited rail tickets

  • Supports recommendations in the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail
  • Easily include rail ticketing in your transport ticketing mix or MaaS packages
  • Opens up a new revenue stream through rail ticket retail commissions
  • Reduces time to market for hardware vendors and mobile apps
  • Device-agnostic SDKs for servers, local terminals, TVMs and smartphones
  • Increases your innovation capacity for rail, and reduces dependency on limited incumbent providers
  • From the suppliers of the Rail Delivery Group Central Back Office

Local Travel Apps and Portals

24/7 ticket purchases, account management, travel information and self-service registration

  • Available for web browsers, and iOS and Android devices
  • Integrates with journey planning, real-time data, services, timetables and more
  • Enables customers to easily purchase and collect travel tickets online, including ITSO via NFC
  • Offers on-the-go account management, customer care, and personalisation
  • MaaS-ready integrations with third-party service providers included out-of-the-box

Managed and Professional Services

Turnkey smart ticketing, ENCTS, customer care, financial reconciliation, fraud detection, and consultancy

  • Take advantage of Unicard’s extensive experience by having us take over delivery of key tasks
  • Reduce costs and headcount with ENCTS scheme management and applications/approvals processing
  • Provide first-class passenger experience with both B2B and B2C contact centre services for MaaS and ticketing schemes
  • Simplify administration with financial reconciliation, operator payments and other financial services
  • Identify fraudulent use of travel entitlements such as ENCTS and hotlist the cards to save money
  • Consultancy for ITSO, ticket scheme implementation, transport data migration and management, account based ticketing, and more

Our Product Strengths

  • Proven

    We have 20 years’ experience and are trusted by millions of passengers every day. We’re experts in reliability, security, and privacy.

  • Integrated

    Each product is fully integrated with the rest of our product suite, your existing applications, processes and data, and our partner solutions.

  • Easy-to-use

    We specialise in intuitive user-centric design, creative technical solutions, and easy-to-use passenger-friendly features.

  • Advanced

    We have industry-leading features, flexible configuration and custom development options, and an ongoing R&D programme.

How We Can Help Deliver Transport Projects

In the following videos, Unicard founder and Executive Chairman Peter Verrept, CEO Sean Dickinson and Head of Product Alex Sbardella discuss the following topics:

  • how local authorities can budget for transport technology projects
  • the benefits that mobile apps can bring to local authorities, and the most efficient way to deliver them
  • a new way of delivering Home to School transport that blends traditional public transport with private services

Our Product Team

We strive to bring the best out of our Unicard products suite by:

  • Developing a clear strategic vision for each product based on market research, our expertise, and regular customer feedback sessions 
  • Ensuring integration between each Unicard product, and with data sources both internal and external to deliver powerful, modern solutions that are more than the sum of their parts 
  • Building better customer and partner experiences through applications that are easy to use, build and manage 
  • Continuously improving and developing new solutions on top of our strong foundation, searching out new technologies and better ways of doing things 
  • Alex Sbardella
    Head of Product
  • Will Howard
    Product Manager - Ticketing
  • Robert Glenn
    Solutions Architect
  • Chris Sloane
    Technical Author
  • Sofia Kaneva
    Business Analyst
  • Michael Cuthbertson
    Technical Product Manager for ITSO
  • Darcy Harmer-Manning
    Product Manager
  • Jordan Stovold
    Product Manager - Smart Office