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Unicard commits to net zero emissions
Our Carbon Reduction Plan aims to help UK reduce harmful greenhouse gases
March 31st 2023 by Unicard

Unicard have taken further action to address our impact on the climate by signing up to a Carbon Reduction Plan that states our commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Reaching net zero means that any carbon emission (greenhouse gas) created is balanced by the same amount of carbon emission being removed.

In signing up to the Carbon Reduction Plan, Unicard have calculated our current carbon footprint (the emissions produced in the course of our work) and stated that we commit to help the UK as a whole achieve net zero emissions.

As part of our own efforts to achieve net zero, we have targeted to reduce our carbon emissions over the next five years alone by more than 20%.

In the future we hope to implement further emission-reducing measures such as:

  • Migration from our own hosted datacentres to shared cloud services
  • Carbon offsetting for business flights
  • More accurate tracking of waste disposal

 Unicard take our sustainability responsibilities seriously, and our approach to business is governed in line with our company-wide environmental policy, modern slavery statement, bribery statement, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, equal opportunities policy, and corporate values.

  • You can view our Carbon Reduction Plan here.
  • You can find out about our other Corporate Social Responsibility measures here.