Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is our corporate conscience. It’s about looking after our people and creating working environments where they can learn and develop. It’s about making sure we minimise our negative impacts, while maximising on what we can positively contribute. It’s about giving back, investing in the local communities we work in. It’s about making a difference.

We have recognised four priority areas within Unicard where we strive to make this difference.

1. Environment

  • Our transport technology enables Local Authorities, commercial providers, and the public to reduce CO2 emissions, helping create a zero-carbon future. 
  • We are committed to net zero emissions by 2040 and proactively protect the environment through recycling and reducing waste, conserving energy, and using environmentally friendly technologies.

2. Community

  • Each year, the Unicard team nominate and vote for our Charity of the Year. We will pledge to support this charity over the course of the year in a number of ways, including fundraisers and volunteer days.
  • However, we don’t stop there. We encourage and empower our team to use and develop their skills through community volunteering. We allow our team members 2 days of special leave every year to support this.
  • Our Charity of the Year 2022/23

    Dorset Mind UK

    Unicard are pleased to announce our chosen charity for this year, Dorset Mind UK. Look out for updates on our fundraising activities over the next 12 months. 

    Local charity Dorset Mind educates, challenges mental health stigma and inequality, and encourages recovery by empowering individuals to develop resilience.    

    Their 1-2-1 and group support includes active monitoring (CBT-type coaching), befriending, counselling, mentoring and a wide range of support groups. These help people regain social skills and develop confidence.    

    The charity also delivers educational wellbeing programmes for schools and workplaces and provide volunteer opportunities across all areas of the organisation.  

    For more details, see   

3. People

The wellbeing of our team is of the utmost importance to us.

  • We enable flexible working so that our team members can have better control over their work/life balance
  • We provide a company-funded Westfield health plan to ensure that our team has access to the help they need
  • We have enlisted Social Ambassadors who are tasked with keeping the team connected
  • We support defence personnel and their families, having signed the Armed Forces Covenant, and hold a bronze award from the MoD's Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS)

4. Responsible Trading

  • We control our supply chain carefully and are committed to maintaining high standards amongst all our suppliers.
  • We firmly oppose any forced labour, human trafficking, exploitation of young people or any other form of harassment or abuse.
  • We undertake all reasonable and practical steps to ensure that these standards are maintained.

Carbon Reduction Plan

We take action to address our impact on the climate by signing up to a Carbon Reduction Plan that states our commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040. In signing up to the Carbon Reduction Plan, Unicard have calculated our current carbon footprint (the emissions produced in the course of our work) and stated that we commit to help the UK as a whole achieve net zero emissions.