• 2000

    Unicard began as Smart Cities– a European project managed by Schlumberger with the goal of introducing a single, all-access smartcard to Southampton. Our Chairman, Peter Verrept, was the Technical Lead on this project.

  • 2003

    Peter Verrept and Konstantin Chterev acquire the Smart Cities products from Schlumberger and with it, create Unicard. Konstantin establishes the software development team in Varna, Bulgaria, with Peter running sales and support, close to existing customers in Southampton. Together, they set out to deliver the Smart Cities concept to other Local Authorities in the UK. 

  • Unicard quickly realised that the most successful element of our product proposition served the transport sector. A conscious decision was made to concentrate our efforts on Card Management Systems, printing of ITSO cards and expansion into ITSO transaction management systems.

  • 2008

    Unicard form a partnership with Euclid, helping to develop the implementation of ITSO for our card issuing scheme. 

    Unicard secures our first contract with Transport for West Midlands. What was initially a small contract would grow to become, and remains a very important part of our business.

  • 2011

    As a result of our partnership with Ticketer, we secure our first joint customer in Reading. Unicard is now in the business of processing ITSO messages and providing ITSO terminal libraries.

  • Recognition of Unicard’s growing capabilities increase when we become the first organisation to employ Experian identity checking services.

  • 2016

    Unicard and Euclid win the tender to provide ticketing systems to Transport for West Midlands.

  • Unicard now provide complex, integrated commercial ticketing portals and front-end mobile applications. 

  • 2019

    Unicard and Euclid deliver Account Based Ticketing (ABT) for Transport for West Midlands. Sean Dickinson joins as CEO to drive Unicard's continued expansion.

  • 2020

    Unicard is awarded the Transport Scotland AMS-HOPS.