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Welcome to Unicard Onyeka
A big welcome to Onyeka who joined the Unicard team as an AWS DevOps Engineer
September 8th 2023 by Unicard

Onyeka joined the company in July 2022 as an AWS DevOps Engineer. With a foundation as a Linux engineer, she made a career shift into DevOps in 2017 and has since thrived in the field.

During her tenure with a consulting company, she specialized in AWS cloud services and worked as an AWS Subject Matter Expert, providing valuable guidance and expertise for successful cloud adoption and migration. With a profound understanding of scalable and secure cloud architectures, she excels in implementing CI/CD pipelines and automating infrastructure deployment using cutting-edge technologies.

Her problem-solving skills, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of improvement have consistently resulted in enhanced operational efficiency and accelerated software delivery. Onyeka is a dedicated contributor to the growth and success of Unicard by driving innovation and optimizing software development processes.