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Product spotlight: Smart Office
Unicard’s industry-leading customer management system can manage all aspects of your concessionary and commercial travel schemes
May 25th 2023 by Unicard

Unicard’s Smart Office customer management system is the industry-leading tool for managing smart ticketing travel schemes using both ITSO and non-ITSO (for example, barcode or cEMV) media.

It enables scheme operators to manage all aspects of concessionary and commercial travel schemes, including customer records, products, payments, media, and third-party integrations.

It also features a comprehensive suite of APIs, and an integrated self-service portal for customers to manage their own accounts (or this can be delivered by third-party systems).

Smart Office can be hosted in Unicard datacentres or on AWS cloud, and has been tested to scale to over 10 million passenger account records in a single instance. All data is securely stored with processes and procedures that are compliant with GDPR and Cyber Essentials.

Smart Office supports full configuration of ITSO products from validity through to encoding. It comes with standard patterns and workflows for managing ENCTS schemes as well as single and multi-operator commercial tickets.

Customers can be registered through the administration interface (with both simple workflows and “power user” tools), self-service portal, data import or third-party API. All documentation and photos are captured during the registration process and securely stored. Multiple travel tokens can be stored against each customer record, including commercial and concessionary ITSO cards, digital ITSO media, non-ITSO smartcards, barcodes, bank cards, and future technology including biometrics and wireless beacons.

Smart Office has class-leading CRM tools, allowing you to manage both automated and manual customer communications across post, email, SMS and app notifications with flexible templates; and supporting case file notes and tasks, and task assignment and deadline tracking for managers.

Smart Office is integrated with the Unicard HOPS (together forming our Ticketing Platform) and offers an easy-to-use interface for contact centre staff to carry out common tasks relating to ITSO cards such as Hotlist and Actionlist requests, automated or manual card production (both bureau and our own Unicard local print service), and proof-document approval. It also has tools to speed up common helpdesk tasks relating to cards, such as encoding management and changing card designs.

For both Smart Office and HOPS, scheme administrators have access to a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use reports. The underlying data inside both systems is also available to be extracted for use in external business intelligence systems, or to facilitate migration to another system.