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Product spotlight: Mobile apps
Our flexible and scalable app platform can meet local travel needs
June 15th 2023 by Unicard

Today’s passengers increasingly want to be able to plan their journeys, buy tickets, and manage their account and their smartcard directly from their mobile phone.

If you are a local authority wanting to offer this functionality in your region, the Unicard app platform is the ideal solution, with a host of industry-tested standard features combined with opportunities for customisation for, and integration with, your specific local needs. 

The Unicard app platform is highly flexible and scalable. If you already have our Smart Office Customer Management System and/or ITSO HOPS, it is deeply integrated; if you don’t, it can be delivered standalone. We also have a network of pre-approved mobility suppliers already integrated, so the platform works with the data and transport that you have today, and is ready for any new services you want to add tomorrow.

Not only do we offer the technical solution to support all your needs, we also have many years of experience of working collaboratively with local authorities and transport providers, helping to provide the best solution for their passengers, and enabling them to build on their existing infrastructure and solutions.

Our travel apps and portals can offer 24/7 ticket purchases, account management, travel information and self-service registration:

  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Integrate with journey planning, real-time data, services, timetables and more
  • Support bus, rail, tram, cycle, bikeshare, micromobility, parking, car club, EV charging and more
  • Enable customers to easily purchase and collect travel tickets online, including ITSO via NFC
  • Offer on-the-go account management, customer care and personalisation
  • MaaS-ready integrations with third-party service providers are included out-of-the-box

For more information on how our mobile apps can help you, email sales@unicard-uk.com.