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News roundup: Coverage of Unicard’s acquisition of Ecebs
Business publications report on deal that boosts smart ticketing solutions portfolio
August 17th 2023 by Unicard

The announcement of Unicard’s acquisition of smart ticketing specialist Ecebs from Visa has received widespread coverage across transport, technology and other business publications.

The transaction will enable Unicard to offer a more comprehensive range of solutions in the UK and abroad.

The move sees Unicard add contactless EMV technology to its already extensive solutions portfolio, comprised of an industry-leading smart ticketing platform supporting both commercial and concessionary fare schemes, alongside its suite of ITSO, ABT (Account Based Ticketing), MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service), and rail ticketing solutions.

Contactless EMV, which allows passengers to tap in and out using a payment card, will increase Unicard’s ability to respond to the smart mobility needs of local authorities and transport operators, helping to deploy services across trains, buses, e-Scooters and other forms of transport.

The online publications that covered the acquisition by Unicard included:

You can also read more about the deal on our website: https://www.unicard-uk.com/news/unicard-assumes-market-leadership-position-following