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News 2009

LBWF Multi-Application Success

July 2009

Waltham Forest Resident Card sees growth and improved services

London Borough of Waltham Forest has entered the third year of operation of their resident card scheme, which continues to grow and help the Council improve services and save money.

Smartran Ltd, the smartcard specialist company responsible for the successful launch of the scheme, and The London Borough of Waltham Forest have agreed a new two year contract to the borough resident card scheme, the OneCard. The contract will include additional functionality to the card scheme, as well as ongoing support and assistance.

The system has been developed using Unicard’s pioneering multi-application CMS which is also deployed successfully in Southampton City Council. The CMS is capable of issuing a variety of citizen cards with a range of services encoded on a single card, including among many others national and local bus travel cards combined with library and leisure applications.

Initially, the Waltham Forest OneCard was configured for residents to pay their rent, council tax and other council payments and for council staff to use as ID and to access key council sites. With Smartran as business partner, this first phase project was delivered within the timescale and budget set in the autumn of 2006 for the replacement of the existing AllPay cash collection card. Now, with over 20,000 cards issued, the OneCard has been expanded for use within the first two secondary schools in the borough for cashless catering and discussions are ongoing to add other schools to the scheme over the coming year.

Following the success of the scheme so far, it has been extended to cover the issue of licences for off-licences, bars and clubs. These licences are administered by the Council and a new system was required to issue the licences. The OneCard scheme system was selected to enable the licences to be printed with additional security elements and to encode the licence so that the details can be read and verified with a card reader. The encoding of the card conforms to the LASSeO standard, which has been extended to include this licence application.

The Waltham Forest resident card is one of the leading schemes conforming to the Your London Card design which ensures consistent card numbering and card encoding. Smartran has engaged AIDC in Halifax to verify independently the encoding of the cards to ensure the cards would be compatible with cards from other borough schemes. AIDC tested sample cards and issued a detailed report on the encoding and conformance to the LASSeO specification.


New offices

June 2009

Unicard is expanding into new office within existing premises in order to manage its growing business in the smartcard arena.


CENTRO, West Midlands PTE Delivery

April 2009

CENTRO Concessions Card Management System

Unicard has delivered a full ITSO Card Management System (CMS) to CENTRO (the public transport authority for the West Midlands) for the issuance and management of National Concessionary Passes for senior citizens and disabled people in the region.

Our technicians imported over half a million records into the CMS that went ‘live’ at the start of April this year.  Working closely with CENTRO’s systems integration partner Logica, who have wider responsibility to help them deliver a commercial and concessionary multi-modal scheme, Unicard has configured an extensive series of interfaces to other parties within the scheme.  These include the HOPs interface, a card bureau interface and data made available to the Payments System managed by Logica.

The flexibility offered within the Unicard design enables CENTRO to produce cards locally – for quick response for both new applications and ‘walk-up’ replacement requests – or to send them to an external bureau to manage large volumes.  We have also developed advanced auditing, logging and reporting features for CENTRO CMS.  

For further information or details on functionality, please contact the Unicard Project Manager – Gwyn Williams


CornwallCounty Council LGR

April 2009

From 1 April 2009 the existing Cornwall County Council and six district councils were replaced by a single ‘unitary’ authority. Unicard was commissioned to repurpose it’s CMS and the processes around it to reflect the new workflow requirements. The CMS is currently used in 31 libraries and will shortly be accessible from the twenty two “One Stop Shops” throughout the County.


ITSO v2.1.3 Compliance

March 2009

Unicard has passed the certification test for V2.1.3 PersoPOST PSengine encoding module, the core of all card production packages in the Unicard offering.

The functionality and certificate covers all ITSO compliant card platforms and products as well as the ITSO* standard communication interface to the HOPS. The same module also supports a range of other encodings (LASSEO, MAD, JavaCard..) and makes it the leading package to “smart enable” existing card production lines.

The PersoPOST has also been certified as part of the Unicard local card production workstation with a wide range of broad range of desktop printers to cover all scheme requirements:

C00045-3 Unicard PersoPOST with CX/Prima Printer
C-00045-7 Unicard PersoPOST with CX/Prima 2e printer
C-00045-6 Unicard PersoPOST with Fargo HDP5000 printer

*ITSO was formed to build and maintain a specification for secure 'end to end' inter-operable ticketing transactions, utilising relevant ISO and emerging CEN standards. For further information and copies of the certificates, see www.itso.org.uk


SHERE Ltd Integration

February 2009

SHERE has selected Unicard to ITSO enable its FAST Rail™ Ticket Vending Machine range. Shere will integrate Unicard’s ITSO POST module in its existing products, fast tracking the development and ITSO certification of its equipment to ITSO V2.1.3.

Shere will also benefit from Unicard’s ongoing module developments to implement the V2.1.4 functionality required by the rail sector as well as the ITSO product range its customers will require.    

Shere is a market leading provider of integrated self-service systems to the transportation and hospitality sectors. For further information, see www.shere.com


2008 Achievements

Unicard secures major ENCTS “Freedom Pass” CMS and production contracts.

As a leading provider of turnkey, multi-application card management systems (CMS), Unicard has secured contracts for the provision of a fully hosted CMS and ITSO compliant, in-house card encoding workstations with local authorities such as Southampton City Council, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Councils.

In addition, Cornwall County Council, Norfolk Concessionary Fares Group (7 Districts) and Torbay Council among others, have entrusted Unicard with hosting and CMS services for their combined databases, totalling nearly 300,000 records.

Unicard’s standard CMS offering features:

  • A web based cardholder and card management service
  • Hosted in our own managed data centres including real time, off-site DR facility
  • Next day card printing with personalised letters and inserts
  • ITSO compliant card encoding to version 2.1.3
  • ISL HOPS card production and stoplisting integration
  • Optionally: Locally installed printing and encoding workstation
  • Alternatively: Card production management with any ITSO approved card bureau
  • A dedicated Account Manager and Helpdesk


For further information please contact: sales@unicard-uk.com or call 01202 850 810


Unicard’s PersoPOST encoding module was offered under licence to DfT framework and leading independent card bureaus alike, to encode over 1.5 million ENCTS Freedom Passes in time for the 1st April 2008 launch.


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