Smart Schemes

SMART Schemes

Local authorities and private operators are now able to launch transport ticketing schemes, using the ITSO open standard and associated services to:

  • Manage travel concessions for senior and disabled citizens
  • Manage school transport
  • Implement cross operator ticketing
  • Promote integrated travel

Using its proven solutions, Unicard offers a fully managed, ITSO compliant solution, giving councils the ability to:

  • Register and manage cardholder and cards
  • Manage its card transactions and scheme terminal security (HOPS/AMS)
  • Issue cards or tickets on site (PersoPOST & Retail Kiosk)
  • Produce cards locally and transfer larger batches to selected bureaus

The use of Unicard’s ITSO products enables councils to integrate with the ITSO infrastructure which the transport operators will implement and concurrently facilitate the emergence of the local authority or private commercial offerings such as the Suffolk Endeavour or Milton Keynes All in 1 and MK Moove card schemes.

In addition, Unicard’s extensive experience of smart card applications and product design will facilitate the integration of other local authority applications such as library, leisure (LASSeO encoding specification) or banking (EMV to cover payments, loyalty…), ultimately offering convenience and better return on investment.Southampton’s Smartcities card scheme is an excellent example of excellent ROI through the use of a multi-application smart cards

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