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Smart card production module


PSEngine as ITSO PersoPOST

Unicard’s PSengine is the leading OEM product used by smart card bureaus to encode ITSO cards, alternative encodings and the printing/ encoding of cards in desktop printers. 

Return on investment
PSengine is already fully certified with a range of contactless readers and/or printers. It allows existing suppliers to make their card production products or processes ITSO compliant, in a short timescale with minimal or no certification costs and without having to gain low level ITSO knowledge.

Off the shelf
PSengine is integrated and certified with a range of contactless readers and SAM readers to offer an “off the shelf” solution. It is also supplied with its Dispatcher, a tool covering all communications with the ITSO HOPS

However, specific implementations can be done if required and Unicard can provide support and project management having undertaken several similar projects.

PSengine comes with a high level interface and documentation to integrate the module with existing software, covering all information to encode cards and generate messages.

PSengine covers the full scope of cards and products in the ITSO specification and is kept up to date as soon as new specifications are released.

Additional functionality

PSengine is able to encode a wide range of card formats (Java, Mifare, ISO7816…) over contactless and contact interface and a wide range of encoding standards (ITSO, Mifare, MAD, LASSEO…). Its flexible structure allows it to be extended to new encodings.

In addition, PSengine manages the transport of the card within desktop printers and generation of the images to be printed.
PSengine supports a wide range of printers to allow printing of: dual or single sided, plastic or paper cards.
Current integrations cover printers like the Fargo HDP5000, Prima 4/ DNP/ CX/ OEM range,  Javelin 430, Pebble, Dualys, which can be supplied with the required contactless readers for PSengine.

Please contact us for the latest list of encodings and printers supported and check www.itso.org.uk /certificates for our range of ITSO certified products

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