Smart Card Retail


Smart Card Retail

Transport Card Software
Transport card schemes with a complete solution to issue cards, add products onto issued cards and manage cardholder data

The system works with a wide variety of card media and printers to provide a truly flexible and cost effect solution that can be tailored to a scheme's exact needs. Whether is it used on the front desk for immediate ticket issuance, or behind the scenes as part of a larger card production bureau, SCR has the tools necessary to issue cards wherever and whenever needed.

And the story doesn't end when the card is issued. SCR will also continue to add value through 'post-issuance' - cardholders can return with their cards to have new ticket products loaded, or current tickets updated, simply by placing their card on a dedicated reader. Full remote functionality can also be facilitated by using SCR to send updates (requested at the helpdesk or over the internet) to remote terminals - for example on busses to apply changes when the card is next presented.

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