Unicard offers a proven “off the shelf” ITSO terminal package, which allows terminal providers to speed up development processes and reduces certification costs. This is constituted by a software application to cover all ITSO related smart card functions, interfacing with a range of contactless and iSAM readers.

Designed to be integrated in any application, the software platform has well defined APIs or can be provided with associated COM/ActiveXs or other integration methods.

It has gone through certification testing on WindowsCE and standard PC platforms but can be implemented on any platform. The module is kept up to date with the ITSO specification and it covers the functionality required for a full POST scope:

  • ITSO Specifications up to V2.1.4
  • All card types (CMD)
  • All products (IPE)
  • All associated messages
  • All functionality except the business layer of a terminal

The software is integrated with the GemTAG reader range from Gemini 2000 Ltd ( – both as OEM and desktop products. These cover the contactless card reader and high speed iSAM reader. Standard PC/SC iSAM readers like the ACS range are also supported by the software.

The POST is being kept up to date with the latest version of the specification and is certified for our projects to the latest version of the specification. Please check for the latest published certificate or contact us for an update on the progress of the current certification tests.

The existing certifications of the terminal module allow integration in other platforms with less effort and certification requirements. However, the software can be integrated easily with other types or existing contactless or SAM readers would this be required and Unicard can provide integration having been through the process with several customers.

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