Host Operator Processing System

The HOPS is an integral part of an ITSO scheme and is responsible for securely processing data to and from ITSO terminals such as ETMS, PersoPOSTS, Retail Kiosks and other HOPS systems.
This core system manages ENCTS concession transactions; multi operator products issued by Local Authorities as well as powering innovative and efficient commercial ticketing schemes for independent bus operators.

The Unicard HOPS/AMS is a certified implementation of the ITSO specification v 2.1.4 and as such supports all mandatory HOPS functions as outlined in the specification.

Since the migration out of ISL on 24th September 2012, Unicard Ltd has won ninenteen contracts to supply HOPS services to TCAs.

If you are from a TCA in the process of reviewing existing contracts,  download complete information in the PDF or contact us for further information.

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