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Multi-Application Schemes

Online Passenger Portal

With 63% of households in the range of 57-64 years of age accessing the internet using broadband (Ofcom, "Access and Inclusion" 2009), Unicard's online passenger portal www.concessioncard.net is helping TCAs meet their channel shifting and business transformation objectives with respect to the supply of the free ENCTS bus pass.

Experian’s solution, Authenticate for Public Sector, seamlessly integrates with Unicard’s registration site and CMS and provides real-time identity validation checks. It uses an electronic approach, which meets Her Majesty’s Government (HMG Level 1 Remote) guidelines, to validate and verify customer’s age and residency remotely. An individual's biographical data is compared against Experian’s vast database, which contains biographic footprints established for 45 million UK citizens and holds in excess of 1 billion records. An authentication decision is given in seconds, with no need for paper-based proofs.

Councils are able to subscribe to this service independently of their CMS or local database type thanks to our third party API. The service comprises delivery of a personalised e-registration page, accessible directly from the Council web site

To request functional documentation or arrange remote demonstration please call Unicard
Tel: 01202 850 810

For more information about Experian's service, Authenticate for Public Sector, click here.

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