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Multi-Application Schemes


The proposition for multi-application cards has never been better.  Where cards for individual services need to be replaced, schemes are proving that there is minimal marginal cost to “going smart” and delivering other services on the same card and from the same system. Please read our case study on how Southampton’s Smartcities card scheme is leading the way.

Our CMS will manage ENCTS cards, Youth cards, Park&Ride cards among other….and all from a single and user-friendly interface.

Possibly the most important characteristic of a Unicard scheme its flexible route to market. We offer the capability to expand the system to progressively allow the use of new cards and services, therefore allowing a phased approach.

More reasons to go forward and multi-application!
- Improved citizen convenience
- More efficient processing (e.g. single sign-on)
- Better management information
- Greater social inclusion
- Integration with other systems and technologies (e.g. mobile phones, payment portals, external databases)
- Ideal for delivering entitlements (e.g. free swimming)

Fewer Barriers
- A proven technology with tens of millions of smartcards used in the UK
- Cost of smart cards has significantly lowered
- Entry level packages available
- Common card encoding standards introduced

Business Case across Many Services
Unicard provides a diverse range of card applications to schemes of different shapes and sizes. Our involvement with schemes from the outset of the multi-application concept in the UK gives us a unique understanding of local authority requirements.

Examples of Types of Service
- Memberships and Concessions (e.g. Leisure)
- Education Cards (e.g. cashless catering, registration, access)
- Transport Ticketing
- Payment
- Cash Collection (e.g. rents)
- Resident cards
- Staff Cards (e.g. access control)
- Loyalty and Reward
- Youth Initiatives
- Electronic Payment
- Credit Unions

Contact Us to request a personalised walk-though of the system and receive detailed functional information.

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