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The quality of your customer relationship will be dependent on the information available to the operator
Unicard’s cardholder and card management system (CCMS) allows distributed Local Authority teams to efficiently manage customer relationships while leaving all other technical aspects of the scheme to Unicard.

Communication and Control:
Enhance the quality of your customer contact using our extensive customer relationship (CRM) functions by generating and storing personalised letter correspondence, scanning and storing original documentation and logging calls.

Efficiency: Quickly capture images, register a cardholder and request a card

Speed: Next day printing and delivery of cards to your customers with accompanying letters and inserts

Availability: Unlimited number of users across multiple sites via secure internet connection

Compliance: The CCMS offers compliant integration with the ISL HOPS for Non-Smart Authorities

Contact Us to request a personalised walk-though of the system and receive detailed functional information.

Additional services include:

- OCR data capture from application forms, image corrections, data cleaning (address verification, deceased suppressions, online age verification) and data import from legacy systems.

- flexible expansion of the system to allow use of cards for library membership, leisure access and education services

Unicard solutions are also designed to deliver long term benefits to Local Authorities on the cusp of delivering SMART SCHEMES.

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