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Cardholder Management System


Cardholder and card management system

Our Card Management System (CMS) is already in use across dozens of Local Authorities in England. It is a mature and rapid solution enabling the distribution, management, and tracking of concessionary transport cards and other Local Authority services where a card is needed.

Main features include:

Data Entry

- Cardholder registration and card request in under 2 minutes
- Error proof workflow
- Data entry checks safeguard data integrity
- Seamlessly integrated Webcam capture or scanning for client or think client PCs
- Address lookup integration with NLPG gazetteer or PAF
- Logs proofs of eligibility

• Multiple card and concession types
• Full audit trail of activity on cardholder record
• Full suite of SQL management reports
• Digital document storage
• Configurable user permissions
• Bespoke letter generation and logging

Card production
• Compatible with bureau or in-house card production
• Real time card status during the production cycle

Renewal management
A variety of renewal options, ranging from online to Interactive Voice Response via telephone, will drastically reduce your workload during peak periods.

• HOPS action lists, warmlisting and distributed hotlists
• EMV / loyalty systems
• Leisure, library….systems

• Fully hosted with off-site DR facility
• Accessible by web browser across multiple locations
• SSL and IP restricted secure access

At the heart of the CMS resides a strong workflow logic which keeps the operator in complete control of the customer relationship. Card status, card lifecycle functions, call logging, document storage and personalised letter generation are examples of this underlying strength.

With multiple users across different departments in the County structure it’s important to configure and control access to for each user. The CMS gives complete flexibility to determine what a given user can see or do with the system. Permissions can be assigned on a functional and geographical basis.

From large Call Centres to small Concessionary Fares Departments, the CMS provides quick and simple access to your cardholder’s account.

Contact Us to book a personalised walk-though of the system and receive detailed functional information.

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